In the Beginning

So here I am, 1:07am and I’m writing my first blog entry about my journey to become the Ultimate Trophy Wife. Being a new SAHM, it’s quite the challenge for me. My blog is going to help me be accountable to keep me focused on my way to building a new me.

Because the old me wants to get lost in the sofa with a gallon of ice cream and a Doctor Who marathon on.

It’s time for a change. To show my kids it’s not cool to be fat. To show my BF that I can care enough about my family to take care of myself. To show myself that even though things have changed, they are changing for the better.

First little goal (little steps, right?) is 8/20 to have moved 30 pounds closer to my first goal of 190. That’s no small feat, that’s true, but I don’t want to embarrass myself at my BF’s company picnic that’s on that day. Mini steps for this week (6/26-7/2) is to work out every day (>30 minutes) and to log my food intake. I’m not looking to modify the intake just yet. I want to establish a working out habit first then I will augment my intake. Keeping a log in the beginning of what I eat will be an eye opener and (hopefully) an additional source of motivation.

Weekly goal for cooking is that I will cook 3x this week coming. Not just heat up but actually cook. I’ll keep you posted on the menu and results. LOL

Weekly goal for Mary Poppins: Take the kids to the park to socialize and NOT be in a McDonald’s.

Weekly goal for Maid of the year: complete cleaning list created and record data regarding it’s efficiency and what improvements are needed. I had been refining this list since I started researching cleaning lists and I converted it to OneNote and now it is SO EASY to thumb through! Not so easy to complete. It’s a long list. But a complete one!

For tomorrow, 6/25, I have simple goals

  1. Workout
  2. Log Intake
  3. Drink 8c H2O
  4. Plan for Sunday
  5. Complete (cleaning) List

It’s 1:22am and I’m beat.I will check in tomorrow. Night all!

2015-12-15 13.45.17-1


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