Chapter 1, Part 2

Yesterday, I the starting point for my journey in the “Transformation” book. Tonight: What my vision of my goals are at the end of this 18-week program.

Question 1: “Looking forward 18 weeks from now, three changes I will have made that show I’m more aligned with what’simportant to me at a ‘heart and soul’ level are:”

First, I will have gotten past the ‘stranger’ feeling I have in my own body.

Second, I will be living in a fullfilled manner, instead of letting things I like to do pass me by.

Third, my BF will be proud of me again.

Question 2: “Looking forward 18-weeks from now, the three most predominant inner feelings which describe what I’ll be experiencing are:”

I will be in control of myself again.

I will be proud of me and my body.

I will be in sync with my true self and her desires.

Question 3: “Three new patterns of thinking or belieds which expand my ability to make healthy changes for the better will be:”

I will have incorporated discipline into my eating habits and my exercise habits because I am worth it.

I will make my eating and exercising a priority in my life because that’s what needs to be done in order to take the best care of my family.

I will care for myself not because I need anyone’s approval, but because I feel good when I see me looking good and treating myself well.

Question 4: “Three objectively verifiable statements which will describe the new and impproved condition of my body 18-weeks from now are:”

I will weigh 220 pounds on October 26th, 2016.

I will fit into the size 16 jeans I hang onto because I know I will wear them again one day.

I will be walking 15,000 steps daily without issue.

Sorry if it seems like I blew past this one. LOL I had read the rest of the chapter last night and thought about the answers all day. I want to get this right. But it was a little difficult for me to put into words what I wanted to achieve.

Let me back up. My ma thought, to help with my depression, that she would buy me The Secret the book. I’ve read it 800 bazillion times. It always starts out great but then when it gets to the ‘act like you already have it’ part, I have trouble reconciling that idea. At the risk of coming off like a new age nut job, The Secret is absolutely true. For me, the ideas make sense. How the connections are made make sense to me. Some of the story comes off as far fetched, but in the actual practice, I have no doubt that it’s a real effect that happens in the natural law. That being said, my family is from Long Island, NY and are known for their more realist view and belief system… not to mention that I’m sarcastic, outspoken, offensive, straight forward, and intelligent. I struggle with some of the ideas in The Secret that are a part of the recieve portion of the equation. Anyway, so I have been making an extra super effort to think and phrase my thoughts in a positive manner. I don’t say, “lose weight” I say, “Get 100 pounds closer to my goal.” It’s exhausting because sometimes I just want to say negative shit! But when I do, because positive thoughts are a stronger frequency than negative thoughts, I can take the negative thoughts back, replace them with positive thoughts and get back on track no problem.

(now, after that whole long story) which brings me to why I had a hard time verbalizing my 18-week goals. I wanted to phrase them all in a way that was positive and not negative.

Well, that was the long way around, wasn’t it?

Chapter 2 “Exercise Rx” – I assume it’s the ‘fun’ chapter. What most people don’t realize is that when you’re heavy and you have HUGE BOOBS, running HURTS. Jogging hurts. Jump roping, jumping jacks, and burpees — they HURT. It’s not until you’re in shape that you’re in shape enough for exercise, I guess. I lucked out because I’m a walker. I love walking. I don’t live in a real safe neighborhood so walking around my house isn’t possible after dark but what I did do is: I joined the local Mall Walkers. LOL I know, right? Sounds like just a lot of old ladies walking the mall.

That’s EXACTLY what it is. LOL

I’ve gone just like 2 times last week – my first week – but it was cool! They have a little playground inside the mall. So I take the kids to the playground, walk one time all around one floor (takes about 6 minutes), check on the kids, make another lap, check on the kids, make another lap, etc. I like it! And that early, there aren’t other kids in the playground so my 80 kids get it all to themselves. Plus there is security and air conditioning. Brilliant I thought! I’m going back tomorrow morning! LOL

The other thing I am starting tomorrow is my P90 workouts. I like Tony and I like the workouts (even though the last time I tried to go full throttle on P90 I thought I was going to vomit but hey, what can you do?). I was SO DUMB and bought Hard Corps. After the first workout, thought I was going to pass out at about 7 minutes. I maybe that out of shape but that’s a HARD workout. I’ll work up to it. I have quite a few of his workouts: Power 90, P90, P90X3, and Hard Corps. I also have two of his books: Bring it and The Big Picture. I read “Bring It” a long time ago but haven’t gotten to read “The Big Picture” yet. I just really enjoy Tony Horton. I’m starting to think that maybe I should have read his book first… I like Bill too but while I’m reading “Transformation” I feel a tone… I don’t know. I’m going to continue with “Transformation” for the 18 weeks and see if it does what it claims to do. The next book I read will be Tony Horton’s.

I better get going. I still need to get planning for tomorrow. My BF said today that he wanted to throw a Fourth of July BBQ here at the house so SUDDENLY I have 800,000 things to do to get ready! But it’s BECAUSE I’m going to be busy that I need to double make sure that I get my workouts in and I pay attention to my diet. I will plan it all out and post it next so you guys can call me on my shit to make sure I don’t fuck up. 🙂

Take care, everybody! And be kind.

The Trophy Wife


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