Mindset 06/27/16: Day 1

True success is not in the big efforts we accomplish once in a while but in the little consistencies we accomplish every day. Which is SO accurate because if it was the once in a while big efforts, my ass would be at my goal weight after skipping carbs for 1 day…

When I had first read “Body-for-Life” by Bill Phillips, it was 2001. My BF cheated on me and I just lost my job, I had to move back into my ma’s house, AND my car was impounded. I had nothing. Looking back, that was my most brilliant time for self discovery and improvement.

Bill sets up a daily list that you need to do in order get you closer to your goals. There are 5 things you have to do for yourself. There are 2 things you have to do for others. There’s 3 things you congratulate yourself on accomplishing, and then there is one thing you need to improve for the next day. In most of the books I’ve read on the subject, the author almost always suggests strongly to log and plan your days to keep from deviating from the course. I always felt the best log was his. It also includes things like the plan for eating and workout sheets so you can know where you are and how you need to push yourself. I like that data! (The forms is available for free online at www.bodyforlife.com under success journal in tools.)

So I will be utilizing the Power Mind Set form and the food planning form to keep me focused on my journey.

For tomorrrow (my day 1), here is my Mindset:

  1. Workout to P90
  2. Walk the Mall for 30 mins
  3. 8c H2O with Lemon
  4. Log my intake
  5. Plan for Tuesday

The two things I’m going to do to appreciate others is:

  1. I’m going to leave a card in my neighbor’s mailbox thanking her for helping me with the Buick-sized cockroach I was cornered by in the backyard (she’s a fucking trooper).
  2. I’m going to call my Sis-in-Law in the AM. She lost her dad last year and tomorrow is his birthday. They were really close so I know she’s going to need a little extra support tomorrow.

So, that’s the plan! Now for my food plan:

830am – 2 eggs, 1 sl wheat toast w/ 1 tbsp Country Crock, 6 oz of Grapefruit Juice (we have a grapefruit tree).

1030am – 1c vanilla low fat yogurt

100pm – chicken 1/2 sandwich w/ 1 tbsp mayo, 1 oz of cheddar cheese, 1c of lettuce, 1 tsp italian dressing. Toasted.

330pm – carrots and hummus!

600pm – Healthy Choice Chicken noodle soup on the go (tomorrow night we go watch the concerts in the park with the Fam Bam).

10pm – 1c milk

With each of these ‘meals’ I’ll also have 1-2c of my water with lemon. What I do is I have an old juice container. I measured and marked 1 cup incriments on the side so I know when I drink 8 cups. Then I add 1 freshly squeezed lemon (We have a lemon tree) into the container and I just drag that around all day until it’s empty. It’s been really helping me with making sure I stay hydrated. Not as big a deal last week because I didn’t really push myself hard but P90 isn’t a walk in the park and there’s another heat wave going through Wednesday. It’s supposed to be 105 tomorrow through Wednesday!

Anyway, I better split. That’s the wrap on my mindset stuff. I’ll post it every night to stay accountable. Shit, I wanted to get in a quick post about this parenting aid I got from my sister (she’s a family therapist and knows her shit). Anyway, I’ll have to do that tomorrow, er, today, because I am BEAT! I need to start going to bed at the time normal people sleep! LOL

Take care everybody! And be kind.

The Trophy Wife


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