Chptr 2- Exercise Rx. I don’t wanna…

The first chapter of “Transformation” was a heartfelt search into what and why I wanted to get into shape. I laughed; I cried. And at the end – after the most humiliating pictures I think I have ever made very public – I feel I came out a better person.

Chapter Two – not quite as riveting. 

The importance of Chapter 2 is to educate the person with the benefits of exercise. There are a lot of good reasons to exercise, but what it doesn’t really address is WHY my body says, “Go fuck yourself” when I get moving towards working out. (Tony Horton said in one of his books: your body is fighting change because of the power of homeostasis. My body doesn’t WANT to change so of course it’s trying to override me! Just call me King Hydroflax. <– for any of you who understand that reference, you just got 10 points cooler in my book, sweetie.)

Since my body can be very convincing in the ‘let’s not work out, but watch TV all day’ argument, I do struggle with that. I think we all do. I need to get past that in order to fulfill my journey here.

This chapter really focuses on the HIIT workout being the best for your success. Since this book had been written, Bill Phillips had developed a HIIT workout that you can get on called the 5/25 (the program itself on that website is called Back to Fit). It’s a brilliant upgrade to the 40-minute HIIT that was being pushed earlier this decade. It’s basic, not fancy, but effective! And you’re not spending 800 years on your daily workout. You get in, work your ass off, and then you go on your day.

He says too, “There are many ‘right ways’ to work out. What I suggest is to pick one which fits your schedule and is also convenient as well as practical for you. Then, just get started and never stop!”

The questions this time are a little different. The first one wanting to know what part of the scientific evidence was the most compelling. I thought the weight management, the depression assisting attributes, and the ‘preventive care’ reasons were pretty compelling as scientific benefits of exercise.

Next is how much time am I willing to dedicate to exercise a week? My plan is 30 minutes with Tony Horton’s P90 and then at least 30 minutes of walking, 6 days a week. That’s 6 hours a week dedicated to working out.

The next question is to name 3 people I can share my plans for the week with to help keep me accountable to the program. Well I have no friends SO looks like you – my five followers – are going to be my accountability circle! I’m talking to you: MakeItUltra, Waynerobinson42, justice4usahoward, celia, and dustin!

Then I have to name 3 people I can offer support to – of course I count you guys in here because if you’re nice enough to help me on my  way, then I can sure as hell help you with your way.

Bill says, “The sooner you begin, the sooner you will enjoy the many benefits.”

Fine, Bill, I will go work out right now.

Tomorrow is chapter 3, NUTRITION! Yay…  goodbye oreos, fruity pebbles, and my gluten free Lucky Charms…

Take care everybody. And be kind.

The Trophy Wife


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