Mindset Tues 06/28/16: Day 2

Hi! What a day. It was like one thing after another today. Frustrated and pissy, I didn’t get hardly nothing done that I planned on my damn list. Like NOTHING.

No that’s not true. I called my friend and I blasted a huge thank you for my neighbor. I am planning for tomorrow so that one is done too. And once I finish this post, I will be working out so that’s four. I drank only 2 cups of water today (because I’m a bum), I didn’t get to walk the mall for 30 minutes but I did walk the park for 45 minutes so I say that’s done. I need to log my intake too but I can do that. So really, I TRIED to get everything done, I just need to focus on that water.

THE DAY TODAY WAS NOTHING BUT OBSTICLES! First, the kids decided they were going to ‘clean’ their room by stuffing it all under the bed. Well, turns out they have been doing that for some time because they couldn’t get any more crap under there – and that’s how I saw it. I made them pull out everything under the damn bed and I swear, it became a pile on the floor 2 feet deep. SOOOO FOUR HOURS LATER – when it was all picked up – the kids tell me, “Mom, I like having a clean room!” I said, “You wait right there while I get my video camera!!” O M G

THEN the 80 loads of laundry I had all folded in baskets that could now be put away because I could actually access the dresser in the kids room was ALL OVER THE FLOOR because the 2yo wanted a laundry pile to jump in.

THEN we were out of milk. Get back from the store only to find that the box of capri sun boxes must have been a decoy because it was in the fridge damn empty so back to the store we go. Baby falls asleep and I have to wake her, then she is SCREAMING for over an house straight. Drop off the kids at their swim lessons (crying baby in tow) and then all she wanted to do was sit on my lap, in 100 degree weather, cry, and hold her mama. Did I mention it was 100 degrees out? It was nice to just sit with her in my lap though. :*)

Overall I think it was a good day. I need to be more attentive to my plan but I did pretty good. It’s about making the changes for life. Of course that’s not easy. I talked to my BF about it (recovered alcoholic) to see what tips he had for me. He said when he first stopped drinking, he would write on his hands every reason to be sober. Even if it was the same thing over and over. He said not a moment goes by that he doesn’t think about booze but it’s now a habit not to drink so it’s easier to maintain than in the beginning. He’s been sober 9 years this November. He didn’t have the help of AA though. He just quit cold turkey. He’s so amazing to me for doing that. He was a 30-pack to himself kind of drinker. If he can do that with booze, than I can do this. What is my problem??

Anyway, here is my Mindset for tomorrow – Day 2

  1. Workout
  2. Walk the mall for 30 minutes
  3. Drink 8c of H2O
  4. Log my intake
  5. Plan for Wednesday

My two things I’m going to do to help and appreciate others:

  1. I’m going to let my BF know how proud I am of him about the sobriety. It really is amazing and I don’t tell him nearly enough.
  2. I am going to see if my friend wants to come over for a while to visit. She’s kind of a shut in (like me I suppose) but I’ve known her since I was 12. I love her and her family and really should spend more time with her. It will be nice.

I guess that’s it on the mindset. I read chapter 2 and it’s a very scientific chapter – I hope I write it up well and clear.

Take care everybody! And be kind.

The Trophy Wife



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