Mindset day 5, Fri 07/01/16

After the disasterous day today (regarding my goal chasing efforts), I am here to post my plan for tomorrow. Though I have a lot I need to get done tomorrow, I need my list! Without further delay:

  1. Workout
  2. 8c H2O
  3. log intake
  4. plan for Saturday
  5. 30+ mins of walking

My goals to spread appreciation and encouragement:

  1. bring surprise snacks to the kids’ swim class
  2. give the kids’ a movie night get together

Seem like simple enough things but I think they will make quite an impact tomorrow. 🙂

We are having a little BBQ for the July 4th holiday so I have CLEANING to do (thank God for my list!). And then there is shopping, errands, and overall yelling at kids that still need to get done.

Take care everybody! And be kind.

The Trophy Wife


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