That’s what happens when you don’t plan

SOOOO I had been doing well the last couple days, right? Got home late late last night and I still had to work (I work from home as a transcriber) so I don’t go to bed until 2 am.I thought, “I already know my list, I haven’t picked a new book just yet. I’m good to skip my blog tonight.” Wrong.

So wrong.

It was just a comedy of errors for me today. Started with breakfast and just didn’t stop all day. Breakfast was rice krispies, then gummy bears, then a big bowl of ice cream. Then for lunch was oreo cookies and milk. Oh, and more ice cream. Ran around all day with my 3 kids and my nephew (he’s 6) so that was brilliant (<– sarcasm). Nothing funner than 2 talking machines, a shit machine, and a constant, “Auntie, I’m hungry.” to get through the post office, target, michaels, and grocery shopping.

It was about 101 today and without air conditioning, I walked into the house from those errands to a WALL OF SHIT smell. Turns out my little one had pulled her diaper off and stashed it SOMEWHERE in the house. Who knows where because I still can’t find it. Had to leave to take my nephew home and we ended up staying for dinner… we went to Sizzler which I thought was a great idea – salad bar, right?  Somehow I was eating the big bacon burger complete with fries and ice cream. We had a lovely time but drving home I felt like garbage. Regretful.

Here I am, 7 weeks until my BF’s company picnic and feeling like a fat ass. BUT I need to forgive myself and give myself the freedom to move on and not kick myself. Guilt makes me eat and I am trying to have a better relationship with food. GOOD BYE GUILT! Bring on the tiny waist!

Well, I am still deciding which book I’m going to read. I have read so many– I could almost write a book myself. Ha, that would be great.Here’s a book on how to be healthy written by someone who isn’t healthy because she doesn’t want to apply her own fucking knowledge. Best seller, I think.

I found a great article on about how stress control can help with weight control. Basically, stress leads to overeating and slows your metabolism. The article is about different ways to control different levels of stress. I really enjoyed it. I think that maintaining your stress levels is an imperative no matter what because stress seems to damage everything it affects from the human body to personal relationships to possible relationships. And starting this SAHM gig, i have caked on the stress, that’s the truth!

Anyway, I will pick a new book to read for tomorrow. Probably the Tony Horton one I have been wanting to read. And I will be posting my mindset for tomorrow too because today was just cmpletely blown to shit. Ugh.

Take care everybody. And be kind.

The Trophy Wife


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