Organization is Our Friend

Being pissy missy, I got in an extra yoga session, had dinner (chicken noodle soup) and just soaked in negativity for a while. Then I thought about it for a moment. How can I make this anger-session positive (remember, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around The Secret). I thought I would create a little packet that I can take with me as a way to keep me motivated and on track. How did I do that, you ask? Two words: Index Cards.

I’ll go through this one by one – it might be a little lengthy but I think the work put in is worth it.

I start with a snazzy cover page that I covered in tape to attempt to make it more durable. Who knows how that’s going to work out but — why not try, right? On the back of this card is a table that I will put my weekly measurements and weight. That way I can easily reference the progress I make.

Page 2 is a calendar. I was able to draw on there 5 months. I will cross out the days as they pass. I will use a pattern to make the calendar a quick reference to see if I’m keeping my goals daily. Using a red marker, I will make a \ if I ate as planned, a / if I completed my workout, and a – if I completed my mindset list. I learned that one from the ‘Body-For-Life book. Then I can just quickly look at my calendar and see if I was flaking off or if there are patterns arising with my ‘training.’ Ideally, I want all the M – Sat to be these stars and Sundays to be free days. That the plan. Only time will tell.

Page 3 has my dietary guidelines: 6 small meals a day, protein and carb in each meal, add veggies to at least 2 meals, 8c-10c of H2O, keep in mind that Sundays are free days.

What I think is a big part of the motivation is remembering and appreciating WHY I am embarking on this journey. So I wrote a Vision Statement on page 4: My vision is to be healthy and energetic for my family and for me, for the rest of my life. Then I put my little goals to help lead to my ultimate goal of a Trophy Wife!

  • 12 week goal:¬†to establish healthy, permanent¬†habits; to complete everry workout I plan.
  • 6 month goal: to wear a size 6
  • 12 month goal: to walk a 5k

I think it’s important to be constantly reminded of WHY this was started. And I left plenty of room to add more reasons. I want a full arsonal of reasons to help keep me going.

I had mentioned before that I am working on The Secret and trying to live my life on a more positive frequency. If you read the book, you know there are ‘manifestations’ that take place. So, I made a list of what I want to manifest on page 5. I have maybe a dozen or so on there with room to add more. As I manifest these things, I will take red marker and write over it MANIFESTED. I have done that before and it seems to make me feel more empowered as I cross things off my list.

The next 3 pages are for my gratitude. It’s important to inner peace to feel gratitude, but not just about one thing but about EVERYTHING. Everyday I (will) write 10 things I am grateful for and keep the list so I can enduce gratitude at will. I’m hoping if I can enduce gratitude, I will be able to eraticate the FIA I get sometimes… like today.

Page 9 is dedicated to my lady bits. I track my cycle so I can anticipate when the moods/ pain/ stress/ energy will flux. I want to avoid beating myself up for not busting a workout if it’s really my horomones taking a dive. If I know that information before hand, I can take steps to lesson or prevent those dips before it affects my journey.

This is where the daily stuff comes in. Page 10 is the week’s goals set up and spelled out. For instance, this week, my goals are to take measurements and weight, and to remember painful instances of how my weight negatively affected my life. Like when I found the walrus picture my kid had drawn… I think making sure to remind me of those things, will help to keep me on track.

I have areas that I want to work on especially. I know there is no spot reduce but coupled with a healthy diet and consistent workouts, I can add a little more attention to those areas. So page 11 is a workout log that focuses specifically on shit I want to address like my cankles, my turkey neck, my tricep area, and my obliques. I have a set of exercises for each of those things that I will do every day IN ADDITION to the workout I have planned. Example: 7/3 I am having a cardio day. So I will complete the cardio and then do these specific exercises on top of that.

Page 12 is where the daily mindset is. On the front are the goals I want to achieve, a place for notes for reflection, and any additional information like it’s so & so’s bday party, out of milk, or whatever I need to be reminded of that might affect my journey. I will complete one of these cards everyday for my mindset list. It also has a table for logging workout data like how many bench presses etc. My workout schedule is Mon & Thurs – upper body, Tues & Fri – Lower Body, and Weds & Sat – cardio HIIT. Sundays are free days but the plan is to have active day like hiking, walking the beach, etc. I will create this list for every day of the week.

The card created for my Free Day is a bit simpler because I don’t HAVE to do anything (how nice, right?) There are still things that I have on my mindset list like how did the past week go? I still have to plan for Monday and Sundays is when I measure and weigh myself. I leave lots of room for notes and comments – you never know how the week will go! And then I start the weekly process over again for the next week.

For easy finding, on the last card (which i covered in tape for the illusion of durability) I have a food list. A list of foods that are good for me, if they are carbs or protein etc, that way I can reference it often and easily. Added a paper clip JUST IN CASE I get lost in all these cards.

I like that it’s small and handy. Since I love writing shit down, I like that I get to write shit in it. LOL.

Tomorrow, though its a sunday, I’m treating as a regular day. I will post my mindset in just a few moments. I think this post has surpassed interest so I will end it here. I did take a quick video of my cards and posted it to my YouTube if you want to see it. I recoreded it at midnight so I wasn’t talking because I didn’t want to wake the baby! LOL Sorry about that. Hope you like it.

Take care everybody. And be kind.

The Trophy Wife2016-06-12 04.49.44



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