Shit I Enjoy: Postmodern Jukebox

Just wanted to stop in and thought I would drop a line about some music I like. LOL There’s a band that creates modern pop in vintage styles and I think they are brilliant! I could listen to their shit all day.

Anyway, sunburn has now become an official bummer. After yesterday, I went to the doctor because there is no reason for this to be as painful as it is, right? Well, there IS a reason. It’s a second degree burn that goes across back and it’s awful. They gave me numbing stuff and healing shit. But the nurse said a good treatment to help with the pain in Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV). Really? Isn’t that a little… pinterest-y? But she said the acid that’s in the vinegar helps to calm the burn (???) and I thought, “Ok this lady is nuts.” BUT I happen to have some ACV so  I thought why not, right?

That shit WORKS! I’m already feeling better. So, I’m going to soak for a while in the bath with this ACV and my Wonder Woman Comic books.

Take care everybody and be kind. I’ll check in a bit later.

The Trophy Wife


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