Yesterady, the Fam Bam went down to the beach to watch fireworks off the marina. We were there from about noon to 10 pm. It was a last minute plan and I was all alone in trying to pack and get 3 kids ready etc. But we got it done and had a great time! Except for one thing. I put myself last again. 

I had everything together for the kids, extra clothes, sunblock, blankets, toys, bathing suits, snacks, drinks, a little extra money for them to shop with. Well, Mama was left out of the ‘sunblock’ part of that planning. I am FRIED. Like, my skin is SWOLLEN, I’m so fried. I thought I was clever with the hat and the little cover thing — nope. Nopity nope nope. It so sucks. As a result I was not able to get my upper body workout going today. My shoulders, arms, chest, and back are to painful to even move. BUT in spirit of making choices that move me closer to my goals: I did a lower body workout instead. 🙂

Yeah, I’m pretty proud of me too.

It was still tough because my legs are pretty burnt too but less burnt than my arms so I thought I would be okay. And I was. I had to change a couple exercises out because lying down hurts me (my back looks like a lake of fire). With a little research, I was able to find appropriate substitution exercises and got it done! My legs were noodles. 🙂 I’m going to keep working on my sunburn to see if I can’t get it to heal but tomorrow I am doing the upper body workout. I already did some research and got standing exercises ready. It’s moving my shoulders that hurt so I think I’ll grab some Advil and ice before I get started to cool down the shoulders. I found this sunburn recipe on Pinterest that I’m going to try that says Apple Cider Vinegar takes the sting out, not so much the redness but the sting. That would be great. I have to have the kids put it on my back and they’re  too little to know what being gentle with sunburn is.

SO tonight is July 4th. We had a little BBQ with my ma tonight. We live in an area where the fireworks are EVERY HOUSE and you don’t have to leave your yard to watch a killer fireworks show. My ma lives in a quieter neighborhood (she’s a bit older) and wasn’t ready for all thefireworks commotion and just about had a fit once they started. They have been going off since about 7 pm. It’s almost 11 pm now and they are still firing mortors and shit. The baby is hysterical because she can’t sleep with all this noise and the cat is freaking out but overall it was a great time. I still have to clean and my foot is hurting me big time so I thought I would take a moment to blog and rest my foot. It’s not helping.The house is a mess and I still have easily another 2 hours worth of housework before I get to do personal fun stuff like sewing and drawing and, you know, sleeping. I have an early day tomorrow too.

Did I mention I sunburned my head? Ugh.

Ok off I go to clean up. Take care everybody. Be safe out there tonight. And don’t forget: Be kind.

The Trophy Wife



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