Yesterady, the Fam Bam went down to the beach to watch fireworks off the marina. We were there from about noon to 10 pm. It was a last minute plan and I was all alone in trying to pack and get 3 kids ready etc. But we got it done and had a great time! Except for one thing. I put myself last again.  Continue reading


Slave to my Emotions…

So, this week I am undertaking this pretty huge change in my life this week. Though I haven’t been perfect (FAR from it), I have tried and grown (in little ways) closer to my goals. AND BONUS! I have come one pound closer to where I want to be. BOOM BABY! Trying to keep a check on my emotional eating, I really, really do my best to understand the triggers.  Continue reading

Cleaning Sucks

That’s it. Cleaning sucks. So I have been searching for ways to learn to do it more easily… still sucks. It wouldn’t suck as much if there weren’t 3 little people who follow me around purposely trying to make a mess. We could talk about that time I was cleaning the bathroom and smelled peanut butter so I go into the kitchen only to find the baby had taken the peanut butter and smeared it on every surface she could reach. Or while I was cleaning up peanut butter (it took 3 hours – the family room still smells like damn peanuts) and the baby decided to put toothpaste on her diaper rash… OMG. Or when the 8 YO thought that (raw) eggs would be a great joke in the sofa. Or when the 6 YO thought it would be fun to put the entire roll of TP into the toilet and flush it down…. I feel like all I do is fucking clean.  Continue reading

I needed to stop yelling at my kids!

My family is German Scot. That means we enjoy every little thing, talk shit about every little thing, and argue over every little thing. And we do it LOUDLY. Me personally, I have a lot of patience but once that’s worn thin, I get FLAMING MAD and it lasts forever! When you have kids and they are babies, you are just in awe of how this little miracle came about. When they turn 2, you wonder how you’re going to get through the day without a felony charge. ‘Terrible Twos’ they say. That’s being polite. I call them, “The Asshole Years.”  Continue reading

In the Beginning

So here I am, 1:07am and I’m writing my first blog entry about my journey to become the Ultimate Trophy Wife. Being a new SAHM, it’s quite the challenge for me. My blog is going to help me be accountable to keep me focused on my way to building a new me.

Because the old me wants to get lost in the sofa with a gallon of ice cream and a Doctor Who marathon on.

It’s time for a change. To show my kids it’s not cool to be fat. To show my BF that I can care enough about my family to take care of myself. To show myself that even though things have changed, they are changing for the better. Continue reading