Cleaning Sucks

That’s it. Cleaning sucks. So I have been searching for ways to learn to do it more easily… still sucks. It wouldn’t suck as much if there weren’t 3 little people who follow me around purposely trying to make a mess. We could talk about that time I was cleaning the bathroom and smelled peanut butter so I go into the kitchen only to find the baby had taken the peanut butter and smeared it on every surface she could reach. Or while I was cleaning up peanut butter (it took 3 hours – the family room still smells like damn peanuts) and the baby decided to put toothpaste on her diaper rash… OMG. Or when the 8 YO thought that (raw) eggs would be a great joke in the sofa. Or when the 6 YO thought it would be fun to put the entire roll of TP into the toilet and flush it down…. I feel like all I do is fucking clean.  Continue reading


Mindset day 5, Fri 07/01/16

After the disasterous day today (regarding my goal chasing efforts), I am here to post my plan for tomorrow. Though I have a lot I need to get done tomorrow, I need my list! Without further delay: Continue reading

That’s what happens when you don’t plan

SOOOO I had been doing well the last couple days, right? Got home late late last night and I still had to work (I work from home as a transcriber) so I don’t go to bed until 2 am.I thought, “I already know my list, I haven’t picked a new book just yet. I’m good to skip my blog tonight.” Wrong.

So wrong. Continue reading

Chptr 3: buh-bye


So chapter 3 is about nutrition. It’s talks about quantity vs quality, 7 vital nutrients that your body really needs, and the scientific data to support that conclusion. It was very informative! The chapter itself is thorough and well presented. I hope that I don’t dumb it down for you – I don’t mean to. I think this is where I get lost on some of the programs — because I think I’ve tried them all.  Continue reading

Chptr 2- Exercise Rx. I don’t wanna…

The first chapter of “Transformation” was a heartfelt search into what and why I wanted to get into shape. I laughed; I cried. And at the end – after the most humiliating pictures I think I have ever made very public – I feel I came out a better person.

Chapter Two – not quite as riveting.  Continue reading

Mindset Tues 06/28/16: Day 2

Hi! What a day. It was like one thing after another today. Frustrated and pissy, I didn’t get hardly nothing done that I planned on my damn list. Like NOTHING.

No that’s not true. I called my friend and I blasted a huge thank you for my neighbor. I am planning for tomorrow so that one is done too. And once I finish this post, I will be working out so that’s four. I drank only 2 cups of water today (because I’m a bum), I didn’t get to walk the mall for 30 minutes but I did walk the park for 45 minutes so I say that’s done. I need to log my intake too but I can do that. So really, I TRIED to get everything done, I just need to focus on that water. Continue reading

I needed to stop yelling at my kids!

My family is German Scot. That means we enjoy every little thing, talk shit about every little thing, and argue over every little thing. And we do it LOUDLY. Me personally, I have a lot of patience but once that’s worn thin, I get FLAMING MAD and it lasts forever! When you have kids and they are babies, you are just in awe of how this little miracle came about. When they turn 2, you wonder how you’re going to get through the day without a felony charge. ‘Terrible Twos’ they say. That’s being polite. I call them, “The Asshole Years.”  Continue reading

Mindset 06/27/16: Day 1

True success is not in the big efforts we accomplish once in a while but in the little consistencies we accomplish every day. Which is SO accurate because if it was the once in a while big efforts, my ass would be at my goal weight after skipping carbs for 1 day… Continue reading

Chapter 1, Part 2

Yesterday, I the starting point for my journey in the “Transformation” book. Tonight: What my vision of my goals are at the end of this 18-week program.

Question 1: “Looking forward 18 weeks from now, three changes I will have made that show I’m more aligned with what’simportant to me at a ‘heart and soul’ level are:” Continue reading