Mindset 06/27/16: Day 1

True success is not in the big efforts we accomplish once in a while but in the little consistencies we accomplish every day. Which is SO accurate because if it was the once in a while big efforts, my ass would be at my goal weight after skipping carbs for 1 day… Continue reading


Chapter 1, Part 2

Yesterday, I the starting point for my journey in the “Transformation” book. Tonight: What my vision of my goals are at the end of this 18-week program.

Question 1: “Looking forward 18 weeks from now, three changes I will have made that show I’m more aligned with what’simportant to me at a ‘heart and soul’ level are:” Continue reading

My Starting Point


I decided to start reading tonight, “Transformation” by Bill Phillips. This is an 18-week program to change you as a whole person, not just to address the physical. Each chapter is designed to have some serious “soul searching” or meditation to help bring you closer to your feelings/ reasons/ etc. Chapter One is laying down the Start and Goal portion and really trying to get into a deeper reason for the changes than, “I want to be thin.”  Continue reading

What’s My Problem??

People say, “All you have to do is eat right and exercise. What’s your problem?” My knee-jerk response is, “Let me show you what my problem is.” Then chase them down with a baseball bat. What’s my problem…. But then I started really thinking about it. What IS my problem?  Continue reading