Cleaning Sucks

That’s it. Cleaning sucks. So I have been searching for ways to learn to do it more easily… still sucks. It wouldn’t suck as much if there weren’t 3 little people who follow me around purposely trying to make a mess. We could talk about that time I was cleaning the bathroom and smelled peanut butter so I go into the kitchen only to find the baby had taken the peanut butter and smeared it on every surface she could reach. Or while I was cleaning up peanut butter (it took 3 hours – the family room still smells like damn peanuts) and the baby decided to put toothpaste on her diaper rash… OMG. Or when the 8 YO thought that (raw) eggs would be a great joke in the sofa. Or when the 6 YO thought it would be fun to put the entire roll of TP into the toilet and flush it down…. I feel like all I do is fucking clean.  Continue reading


Mindset day 5, Fri 07/01/16

After the disasterous day today (regarding my goal chasing efforts), I am here to post my plan for tomorrow. Though I have a lot I need to get done tomorrow, I need my list! Without further delay: Continue reading

In the Beginning

So here I am, 1:07am and I’m writing my first blog entry about my journey to become the Ultimate Trophy Wife. Being a new SAHM, it’s quite the challenge for me. My blog is going to help me be accountable to keep me focused on my way to building a new me.

Because the old me wants to get lost in the sofa with a gallon of ice cream and a Doctor Who marathon on.

It’s time for a change. To show my kids it’s not cool to be fat. To show my BF that I can care enough about my family to take care of myself. To show myself that even though things have changed, they are changing for the better. Continue reading