Combo Plate Coming!

I have a tough time juggling the different sites I have and it seems to take me such a long time! Post here, post there, twitter, instagram, etc. I’m exhausted! I have another blog called, “Swingin’ Dolly” here on wordpress that is about my event planning and event crafts business I do from home.

Last night when I was posting here, I was thinking, “I haven’t spent any time on my Swingin’ Dolly – and that’s a complete atrocity!”

So, I am making some changes. I have a website now for Swingin’ Dolly’s event stuff at I will be posting to the website the specific events/ crafts stuff so I can do more of the domestic side on WordPress, help to elevate some of the extra posting time and help to keep both updated more regularly.

I will also be reposting links to the posts from Move Over Stepford to Swingin’ Dolly so that nothing is missed; I’ll be adding to a couple of the pages and HOPEFULLY by Monday, 7/11, I will have everything converted and done. 🙂

Once the conversion is complete, I will only be posting to Swingin’ Dolly to help streamline how long it takes me to post! LOL #NotLazy #MaybeALittle

I hope that those of you who have enjoyed this blog will come on over to the new home of the blog at Swingin’ Dolly. It’s the same blog, just a new home. 😉

Take care everybody and be kind.

Swingin’ Dolly

The Trophy Wife